Steve • Director, Center for Faithful Leadership, Hope College

During the sessions I felt I could let down my ego guard and be myself.

There are some things in life beyond my reach, my understanding, or ability to fix. Abbey helped me discover how I can use my strengths to do what I care about, then discern the strengths and values of others so I can encourage them to do what brings meaning to their lives, and leave the rest to God.

Lori • High School Guidance Counselor

We all tend to stall out, whether professionally or personally, and Abbey knows how to get you jump started again.

We discussed my strengths in almost every aspect of my life: how I use them and how I can use them to become better all around. My sessions were something I very much looked forward to – it was time I have neglected to set aside in the past to work on becoming a better me. I have intentionally given more time to developing myself. I see the importance in me and my ability to affect others positively. My confidence has certainly improved, as I consider some of my strengths rare and highly valuable. My sessions with Abbey were engaging, eye-opening, and most importantly, purposeful.



Working with Abbey Coaching changed the way I think about myself and gave me a language around how I can better live and work with those around me.

Working with Abbey Coaching is a game changer.

michelle welch • american studies director, utah valley university, orem, UT

Abbey's training at our Utah Valley University "Women's Helping Women" new mentoring program was a great success. Over fifty participants became immediately energized as they learned how to identify and develop their inherent strengths.

If you want to be motivated, inspired, and to reach for your highest potential, I would highly recommend Abbey and the StrenghtsFinder program. 


When one explores their strengths, a real connection with themselves and others occurs.

This act of embracing our strengths begins a path of fearless living, of stepping into the unknown with purpose. Stepping out into the call of life seems easy as less energy is wasted being who I am rather than presenting what I am not.


Abbey Coaching has impacted my work life and my personal life tremendously. I am now enjoying tremendous stores of energy as I consciously decide to shift my efforts from groping for empty personal resources into functioning in the fullness of the gifts that Abbey helped me learn to celebrate and value. 

I strongly recommend Abbey Coaching to anyone breathing.


Working with Abbey Coaching was both an interesting and enlightening experience for me. I gained more insight into how my personal and professional lives intersect as well as some really useful tools on how to understand others around me.

Abbey has the ability to ask the right questions that bring deeper understanding and clarity to a situation.


My top five strengths couldn't summarize me any better! When I read the description of my greatest strength "Achiever" and examined the need for constant achievement in my life, I decided to refocus this energy to my family. This was an important lesson for me as previously I had always used this drive just for work. Assessing my strengths with Abbey Coaching was an amazing opportunity to sit back and think about what I was good at, and how I could leverage these strengths in choosing my career path.

There are many situations we know what we need to improve – but really, it is far more important to know our strengths. 


When I first started working with Abbey Coaching, I was feeling frustrated and lost in my career and was hoping that doing strengths coaching would help me to focus my goals and make some changes. 

This did, indeed, happen. But, more importantly, working with Abbey helped me to understand my strengths – I came away from our sessions focused on who I was, and who I was made to be; I left our sessions not focused on what I needed to change about me, but what I needed to do to honor and use my strengths. And while that did include learning how to use my strengths in my career, it also included learning how to use my strengths in my personal life. Abbey Coaching gave me good language to use in talking about things I value and believe; Abbey Coaching gave me tools and skills to use to give voice to and honor who I am without feeling the need to change to meet others' needs. 

Rene Koenig

Learning my Strengths was a game changer for me. My perspective shifted from wanting to be more like other people to wanting to embrace and refine how I already operate. Abbey carefully and deliberately highlighted those things (my Strengths) that I already do well and pointed me in a direction that allows me to use them at work, at home, and in my relationships. I feel empowered and have a renewed sense of confidence. 

I'm forever changed. 


Working with Abbey has been a healthy and challenging experience that has brought awareness and calls to action in both professional and personal space alive.

Abbey is adept at asking pointed questions that drive at the heart of the matter; exposing both positive applications and what she aptly calls "shadow sides" of strengths. Her own unique talents make her amazing at fostering others and helping you be your best you. My experience with Abbey Coaching has allowed me to more fully own and live into who I am – inside and out of the work environment. Truly a worthwhile experience!